Buying a Newly Constructed House - Pro’s and Con’s
Everybody aims to own a brand new house full of luxuries and advanced facilities. A house you know is yours and no one has ever lived in gives you a soothing and a satisfying feeling. No matter if a house is specifically designed for you or buying an already constructed house provides you with the freedom to go creative in decorating it.
If you are to own a house that is new construction for the first time it is important to know what advantages and disadvantages it will serve to you.
Pro’s of Buying a Newly Constructed House
Greater customization options:
If you buy a house when it is being constructed or before it, it will provide you with more customization options. Many housing societies sell houses before they are built like those in Blue World City which gives an opportunity to the buyers to add elements of their choice in style and design.
Modern design:
Houses that are being constructed uses modern architecture and designs. Also, the fittings and facilities are the latest and up to date. Modern construction is based on high building standards and also there are things and features that can only be added in new construction and not in the old houses.
A major pro in buying a newly constructed house is that the fittings and the built appliances will work efficiently without getting broke. Because no one has lived before you in that house, it is fair to make yourself believe that everything in the house will work properly.
Cost of maintenance:
Newly-made things do not require getting maintained every day. If all the sanitary, fittings, and construction is new, there is less or almost no chance of repairing and getting things fixed which result in low maintenance cost.
More energy efficient:
Modern trend point the whole construction towards smart houses where energy can be saved. The trend of a healthy lifestyle and sustainable living is rapidly emerging.
Con’s of Buying a Newly Constructed House
More expensive:
Though there are a lot of perks in living a newly built house, the fact that buying it will be extremely expensive can not be denied. Latest facilities and modern structure will be offered at a huge price which will not be a pocket-friendly decision.
Away from the center of the city:
There are no places in the centre of the city anymore and because of this, the housing schemes are being built outside of the city. Newly constructed houses are available away from the centre of the city.
No neighborhood:
Newly constructed houses will fail to provide an established neighbourhood for you and your family. We know the advantages of having a neighbourhood but new development lacks it.
Smaller houses:
If you are looking for huge houses, newly constructed houses rarely offer big houses. You do not have a lot of choices to make your decision.
It is important to keep in mind every aspect before you signup to buy a new house. It is not a one-time decision and you have to think everything that comes in a package. The commission charges in Islamabad are around 1 percent of the total property. However, they may range between 1-2 percent when selling a property in housing schemes like Bahria Town, DHA, Blue World City and Capital Smart City.
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